MBA Professional Councils

Монголын Банкны Холбоо нь Монголбанкнаас албан ёсоор зөвшөөрөл авч Монгол Улсын нутаг дэвсгэр дээр банк, санхүүгийн үйл ажиллагаа эрхэлж байгаа банкны болон бусад санхүүгийн байгууллагуудыг сайн дурын үндсэн дээр нэгтгэсэн, гишүүддээ үйлчилдэг, хараат бус, бие даасан, ашгийн бус төрийн бус байгууллага юм.

MBA’s daily work and policy positions, recommendations and supervisory document reviews are guided by the input of member bankers who serve on our 14 professional councils in all areas of banking.

The MBA Professional Council platform is a volunteerly steered community of all areas of experts in banking where members are above junior level of bank employees.  The councils’ monthly meetings allow banking professionals to gather regularly and exchange knowledge and professional views on banking matters, common challenges and banking and financial market trends.

In addition to close collaborations among professional council members, these councils make valuable expert opinions to the MBA Board of Directors on sector specific concerns, public private joint discussions, advocacy papers and other activities.

The MBA Secretariat is responsible for all 14 councils’ coordination and other necessary support activities.

All of our 14 councils are open to MBA member institutions’ staff and managers with specified roles to serve for the council.

Council members:  Open to member bankers whose roles at their FIs are in the area of banking insurance intermediary

Core function: The council provides expertise on insurance products in banking, collaborates with the rule making body – Financial Regulatory Commission on administering insurance providers’ licensed training, contributes to reviews and positions on the related supervisory drafts, develops and implement voluntary code of conducts and experienced members of the council represent the MBA at meetings and discussions with the rule making bodies.

Council members: Open to member bankers whose roles at their FIs are in the area of internal auditing

Core function:  The council works together on identifying and discussing recent changes on internal auditing standards, other relative up to date information, initiates better assurance systems among peer bankers in this area. As this function in banking is not often subject to the supervising bodies such as the Bank of Mongolia, their meetings are held not often and common challenges are relatively low.

Council chair:  Adam Anklewicz 2020-2021 /KHAN Bank, Head of Compliance Department /. Council chairs are selected by council members based on transparent voting at the end of each year.

Council members: Open to all member banks, FIs of MBA, but members are appointed by heads of the Compliance departments at each member institution.

Core function: The council works closely with the supervisory, rule making bodies such as the Bank of Mongolia, the Financial Intelligence Unit, National AML Council on various joint working groups established, provides valuable insights on regulatory and supervisory changes in the compliance/AML legal acts, implementing rules and other new bills in draft stages, identifies legislative issues hindering banks to comply with all different compliance/AML laws, banking rules, supervision requirements and seeks and proposes solutions to address those identified problems. The council is also actively working on knowledge exchange activities. Despite the council’s function is volunteer based, the council plays important role on National AML strategic actions through extra work and on-demand professional conributions by public agencies.

Council members:  Open to all member FIs of MBA and appointed by marketing directors of each MBA member institution.

Core function: The council works on banking sector public relations strategy, initiates collaborative financial education and awareness campaigns. Bankers in marketing area have been in good, strong collaboration exclusively on recommending priority, joint action plans in building better public financial understanding. The council provides ongoing anti-banking sector backlash status to the MBA Board and develops common approaches on how banks should react to the public backlashes in general. Besides, the council works on public engagement activities in banking education, financial literacy events and other related community programs where banks can contribute to.

Council members: Open to all member FIs information security staffв

Core function:  Council meetings generally focus on best practices knowledge exchange among its members in existing and emerging cyber threats, risks along with related security standards and compliance challenges with the aim to strengthen FIs cybersecurity risk mitigation practices. Not only joining together with professional reasons, the members of this council are active in initiating public engagement programs such as making and sharing information security awareness content creations, organizing awareness raising events among students in IT major to be better prepared for everrising IS expert demands in all business industries etc.,

Council members:  Open to all member FIs IT department heads, CIOs and their appointed specialists.

Core function: Council members hold monthly meetings to exchange IT solutions and challenges updates and trending practices in Financial technology infrastructure, other related topics. The council mission also includes building strong capacity among IT professionals through continuous learning from peers as well as global banking and financial IT trends, contributing to various MBA’s initiatives by sharing IT related feedbacks, providing experience based positions on new IT standards, requirements and implementing rules developed by the supervisory agencies.

Council members: Open to all member FIs customer service department heads, senior specialists and other staff.

Core function:  Council’s meetings are held once in a quarter and the council mission includes knowledge sharing in effective customer care practices, exchanging practical cases in customer complaint handling systems, identifying latest trends in effective customer relations.

Council members:  Open to all member FIs’ treasury and asset management division heads, senior staff by official appointments through direct supervisors.

Core function:  Exchanging knowledge and expertise in asset/fund management practices, latest trends in global and local financial instruments, providing practical positions and reviews on banking fund management requirements, rules and procedures issued by supervisory bodies and authorities.

Council members: Open to all member FIs legal department heads, senior lawyers and other level of staffs are only appointed by department heads

Core function:  The MBA legal pro-council plays one of the most important roles in MBA Advocacy efforts. As the banking sector makes up 90 percent of total financial market size, banks are key financial provider. Legal environment for banks is quite unstable due to constant changes in state authorities, political decisions and other factors. Therefore, MBA legal council’s activity not only includes exchanging expertise but also working as a “Legal Team” representing all principal member banks in front of the state authorities, supervisory agencies, ministries, participating in the Joint Legal Working groups established by the Bank of Mongolia to adjust and amend major banking legal rules and laws, advising the MBA Board on time to time when the parliament and other state officials are making sector influencing decisions.

Council members:  Open to all member FIs’ HR department heads, senior staff, managers and they are appointed by the department heads.

Core function: Knowledge and experience exchange, monthly meetings to discuss recent HR field updates specifically in banking and financial sector, organizing joint events and conferences and other related activities proposed and planned by the council members. The council has mission to establish banking professional career development rodemap, guidance and basic standards of skillsets in banking.

Council members: Open to all member FIs’ online, digital banking department heads and other level of staff are appointed by the department heads

Core function: Tracking the latest online banking service innovations, sharing knowledge and expertise among members, trying to tackle the common issues related to supervisory implementing rules, collaborating with other councils on wider issues where each area of expertise is needed to conclude and bring up the best solutions, creating and improving online banking fraud management guidelines and related risk mitigating methods widely applicable.

Council members: Open to all member FIs’ payment processing department heads and other level of staff are appointed by their supervisions

Core function: ……………./

Council members: Open to all member FIs’ Risk management department heads, CROs and other level staff are appointed by upper managements

Core function: This is the second most important pro-council MBA has with the essential role to advise to the MBA Board on sector wide regulatory changes, working in close collaboration with the Legal pro-council, peer to peer learning through knowledge exchange in the areas of Asset quality reviews, BASEL, IFRS standards, representing MBA to parliamentary discussions where needed, submitting professional and practical positions to the Bank of Mongolia on banking rules and procedures, initiating and organizing Risk forums, disccussions.