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Global Money Week 2014

3-Р Сар 11, 2014

            Global Money Week

Global Money Week News, 10 March 2014


Global Money Week is Growing: Join the Fun!

A group of 3-8 year old Samoan children celebrated the launch of Global Money Week this morning by drawing their savings grow into their dreams.  Global Money Week (10th-17th March) is the perfect time for us to show our support for the nurturing of these dreams. This newsletter will be your daily update on this continuing growth.
Some of the events which we will share with you will be for today, some for tomorrow and some will have already happened. Some of the events are hosted by financial institutions, some by NGOs, and some by schools. Some will be targeting our youngest children, some will involve teenagers and some will focus on university students. We will sum them all up for you!
Global Money Week’s social media campaigns have already taken off phenomenally with just under a million tweets circulating across the world.  Financial institutions, NGOs, and everyone who believes in giving our children and youth a chance at economic independence and financial inclusion - everyone is having fun with finance during Global Money Week

Country Highlights

Bangladesh: Bank BangladeshEnterprise Competitive Institute and Dhaka Stock Exchange along with many universities started celebrating GMW2014 from the 5th of March. The official inauguration ceremony was held today and attended by students from 15 different education institutions.  They have also organized several seminars and financial talks throughout the rest of GMW. Read more...

Brunei: Ministry of EducationLiveWIRE BruneiTAP and AMBD are hosting a series of events during 10-17 March to celebrate GMW2014 with students ranging from 7-24 years. Celebrations have started with a visioning workshop on entrepreneurship, which will be followed by financial talks, a video-making competition, the nation-wide playing of financial exploration games and visits to the currency gallery. Read more…
Mongolia: Mongolian Bankers Association (and member banks), Bank of Mongolia and Mongolian Stock Exchange have organized a series of events scheduled to take place in Mongolia this week. A few of these exciting events are: ringing the bell at the Mongolian Stock Exchange, financial literacy workshops, bankers visiting  schools, students visiting banks, money museum tours and an online contest. Read more…
Albania: The Puppet Theater of Albania will perform a unique mobile educational entertainment event in several places around Albania this week. It is organized as a fun way to enhance the Albanian children and youth’s financial knowledge. Read more… 

Croatia: Today the Zagreb Public Library hosted a discussion entitled "Money, Banks, Financialisation" ("Novac, banke, financijalizacija"). Throughout the rest of this week, several interesting discussions and information sessions will be co-hosted by the Ministry of Education and the leading financial institutions in country. All meetings will focus on the importance of child and youth financial education. Read more…

Macedonia: This morning children rang the bell to open the Macedonian Stock Exchange.  For the rest of the week children will be participating in several exciting and educational events to spread awareness on money and finance among youth and children. Read more… 
Colombia: After an exciting first experience in 2013, Colombia now also joins CYFI for Global Money Week 2014. This year´s main theme revolves around the question “what do children and youth want for their future?”, including topics such as reasons to save,  opportunities that banks could offer to children and youth, positive and negative consequences of handling money, as well as youth recommendations for decision makers. Additionally, children and youth in Colombia will receive the opportunity to witness how money is made in the Central Bank. Read more…
The Dominican  Republic: The Dominican Republic opened this year’s celebrations to what will turn out to be a sensational week. More than 15 organizations have come together to organize a Financial Education Fair framed around the Central Bank Financial Education Program "Aula Central" . Today children and youth from Santo Domingo enjoyed a visit to the Money Museum and educational workshops. Read more…
Venezuela: Global Money week in Venezuela started with the participation of more than 800 children in the inner city of Maracay. Activities in Venezuela during this week include workshops on how financial education and the development of financial capabilities can help to social conciliation. Activities this week include topics related to Knights Templar and economy… interested? Read more…
Egypt: Egypt has shown some great efforts for Global Money Week this year. Their Global Money Week started on Sunday March 9th with a number of financial awareness workshop. Today, students opened the stock exchange. The prestigious and committed Egyptian Banking Institute, have graciously coordinated the national activities in Egypt this year. Read more…
Saudi Arabia: This is the Capital Markets Authority of Saudi Arabia’s second participation in Global Money Week. Yet again they have prepared an extensive week filled with financial education workshops, book fairs, school visits, and many other events. Today, they sent out a million text messages on finance and the opening of a finance book fair was broadcasts by one of Egypt’s main national television stations. Read more…
Nigeria: Nigeria started Global Money Week with an adrenaline pumping Financial Literacy Road Show in Abuja. School students walked several kilometers alongside staff of the Consumer Protection Development unit and SAGE to create public awareness for financial inclusion and economic education. Read more…

NGOs and Organizations
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Latin America and the Caribbean LACRO have organized daily activites in 9 countries throughout Latin America. The activities will focus on informing the youth on savings and loans and promoting Global Money Week’s principles. Read more...

Financial Institutions
XacBank is expecting more than 800 children, youth and their parents to participate in their “Financial Enterprise Activity” and the “Bank Visit Lesson”These lessons will give children and youth a better understanding of the banking environment, how banks operate and the importance of financial education. Children and youth will also get a chance to meet senior bank representatives to share their opinions and ask questions. Read more...

Special Events and Announcements
Webinar: The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute (WSBI) and MicroBank will participate in a shared webinar with CYFI during Global Money Week 2014 to discuss how retail and savings banks are working to ensure the financial inclusion of youth around the globe. WSBI monitors and promotes these evolutions in order to help boost these common objectives worldwide. 

Join CYFI  for an engaging discussion with WSBI and Microbank:
Thursday, March 13 at 2:00 - 3:00 PM CET

The youth are participating in Global Money Week offline and online. To find out more please visit DreamsBank

Bunei Global Money Week 2014
Students participated in an entrepreneurial workshop in Brunei


Egypt Global Money Week

Egyptian children were excited to ring the Stock Market bell in the name of Global Money Week


        Macedonian youth rings Stock Exchange bell for Global Money Week

Macedonian youth rings the Stock Exchange bell 


Nigeria Global Money Week

A group of Nigerian children who took part in the Financial Literacy Roadshow





A group of Mongolian children at the Mongolian Stock Exchange




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