Membership benefits

Монголын Банкны Холбоо нь Монголбанкнаас албан ёсоор зөвшөөрөл авч Монгол Улсын нутаг дэвсгэр дээр банк, санхүүгийн үйл ажиллагаа эрхэлж байгаа банкны болон бусад санхүүгийн байгууллагуудыг сайн дурын үндсэн дээр нэгтгэсэн, гишүүддээ үйлчилдэг, хараат бус, бие даасан, ашгийн бус төрийн бус байгууллага юм.

Policy advocacy

Protecting the legal and common interests and rights of all its members, the MBA actively cooperates with policy makers and regulators in formulating, approving and enforcing banking and finance laws and regulations. MBA performs the following tasks on behalf of its members in accordance with their common interests:

  • participate in drafting and formulating policies and regulations that have potential impact on the banking and financial sector;
  • protecting its members’ legal interests;
  • acting as a plaintiff or defender in court proceedings upon request by its members;
  • formulating or amending draft legislation which might affect the sector’s activities related to monetary and credit systems, financial market development, or other issues associated with the members’ activities;
  • ensuring that recommendations related to members’ interests are reflected in legislation;
  • ensuring that the legal framework is adhered to the appropriate extent.


The MBA regularly provides its members with a variety of information such as: i. trends and updates related to the international economic and financial outlook, ii. quick lens of the state of Mongolia’s economy and financial sector performance on a daily, quarterly and annual basis, iii. best practices and innovations in the field of financial technology and banking products and services, iii. Occasional research papers on topics such as financial inclusion and access to finance iv. A quarterly publication named “Banking in Mongolia”.


The MBA organizes subject specific scheduled and occasional meetings on a regular basis, and depending on the capacity development needs of its members, professional trainings and workshops are also conducted. The MBA holds its annual general meeting, an event which gathers more than 300 representatives of member organizations and key stakeholders to discuss about achievements, challenges of the banking sector and steps to go forward.


The MBA works with policy makers, international organizations and the civil society on a number of mid to long-term projects addressing a wide range of challenges including sustainable finance, ESG mainstreaming, corporate governance, financial literacy for children and youth, SME finance, consumer protection etc. The association has partnered with international organizations including the World Bank, IFC, FMO, ADB, EBRD, IIB, JICA, UN Environment, UNDP, PAGE, GIZ and AVSF in the past, and has extensive experience with project management, implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Furthermore, MBA closely engages in experience sharing and information exchange with foreign banking associations including the Asian Bankers Association (ABA), Korea Federation of Banks, Kenya Bankers Association, Association of Banks in Cambodia and Association of Russian Banks

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