“Mongolian Green Finance Corporation” project

Дэлхийн хүн амын өсөлт, эдийн засаг, технологийн хөгжлийг даган, байгаль орчин түүний баялагт хандах хүн төрөлхтний хандлага, хэрэглээ жилээс жилд өөрчлөгдөж олон талын сөрөг нөлөөллийг үүсгэж байна

“Mongolian Green Finance Corporation”

Under the MoU “Establishment of Green finance fund” signed by the Minsitry of environment and tourism, Ministry of finance, Global green growth institute and the MBA, first the “Mongolian Green Finance Corporation (MGFC)” project had started back in 2015. Since then, MBA, now the MSFA, had formed a project team to prepare and submit a Funding Proposal to the Green climate fund. The project has since been improvising its preparedness through the Green climate fund’s two times of grant financing. The project proposal is now being finalized for the Green climate fund’s annual Board Meeting in September 2020 to get the approval of first green investment fund.

In order to take the project to the next level, the MBA has established a legal entity “Mongolia Green Finance Corporation (MGFC)” LLC under the MBA’s current structure. The MGFC LLC now is actively working to be better prepared for the Green Climate Fund’s investment approval requirements.