National financial literacy program

Дэлхийн хүн амын өсөлт, эдийн засаг, технологийн хөгжлийг даган, байгаль орчин түүний баялагт хандах хүн төрөлхтний хандлага, хэрэглээ жилээс жилд өөрчлөгдөж олон талын сөрөг нөлөөллийг үүсгэж байна

National financial literacy program

Financial market stability is defined by the level of fulfillment of interrelated objectives such as to secure individuals’ trust and confidence in financial markets, improve their financial literacy, protect the legal interests of financial market players and reduce financial frauds and crimes. One of these objectives, improving the financial literacy of individuals, offers a great deal of benefits and advantages regardless of their age and income because they are likely to avoid financial risks thanks to increased knowledge and skills to use financial services. Improved financial literacy provides opportunities for individuals, their relatives and families to reach their personal goals and to achieve financial freedom and positively influences the socio-economic health of the country. A national program for financial literacy provides a number of benefits: it helps to secure cooperation between various stakeholders, helps to avoid overlapping and unnecessary duplication, and helps to focus on priority measures. Implementation of the program will help to: improve people’s financial discipline, improve their capability to make sound financial decisions, increase long-term savings and financial investments, increase people’s trust in the banking system and promote the long-term and sustainable economic development of the country.

MBA is a key stakeholder in the National financial literacy program as the public financial education enhancement is always a priority to banking sector service providers. With this in mind, we organize public events, seminars and lectures to raise awareness of personal finance management, money management.

We are in part of and lead the following movements in Mongolia:

  • Global money week
  • World savings day
  • “How to manage your personal finance?” public lecture